Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to become a web designer.

Going to try something different today guys, a lot of my readers on here are interested in becoming web designers so I thought I would share a small article to get you guys started.

For me personally I became a web designer by accident.  Yeah that’s right, my whole career started off by me just needing to pay some bills.  So here is my story.

Like I said I needed to pay some bills and at the time I didn’t have a job and was still in school studying.  I already had some knowledge with photoshop because I used it in school many times.  So I came across a site online where people were selling banners and logos for $10-$15.  So I posted on that site and within a few months I had paid off all of my bills and had paid for my very first holiday abroad to sunny Spain!!!

Now I’m not a graphic designer, and the logos created were poor in my opinion, but my clients loved them, so that’s all ways good.  I saw that on the job board that the developers were the real rock stars, so I began to learn development.

I watched the same youtube videos over and over again, and eventually I could make a static html site with an external css style sheet.  Crazy how long that took me to learn, but eventually I was hooked.

From there I went to college/university to study software engineering.  While in college I carried on freelancing, and on completion of my college course I was hired by a digital marketing company in wales.  I worked there for over a year and a half, working on small business websites to major brand names in the south wales area.

After a little while I decided that I would like to work for myself and began putting together a small team of people to work with.  Now I have started my own web development firm that specialises in responsive, easy to use, fast and search engine friendly websites. The company is a web design in wales company that helps small business get online.

I hope that helps, any questions, let me know below.